What is Juice?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, "the house always wins"? Let’s just say that Las Vegas doesn’t look the way it does because the people always win! Well “juice” has something to do with that. Whenever a bet is placed, "the house" usually takes a cut for their services. The industry standard for this said cut is 10%. In some industries this "cut" is called a commission, margin, sales charge, mark up, premium....and in the world of sports betting it's commonly referred to as...JUICE (or as vig...but I digress).

For example: Let's say you decided to follow the advice of a Sharp who wasn't verified on SharpRank.com. And they told you they hit 90% of their bets on college football. You then place a $1,000 bet. And of course, you lose. To add insult to injury, not only would you lose the $1,000 you bet, you would also owe another (10%) $100 (the juice) to "the house".

The goal for the house is to have the same amount of money bet on both potential outcomes. If $1M is bet on both sides, then the house does not care who wins. They guarantee their profit of 10%. Sports books often use creative marketing with "where the smart/sharp money is going". They also use strategic placements and movements of the lines to get as close as they can to even money for each game.