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State and Government Entities

SharpRank partners with state and government agencies to monitor licensed operators for compliance with relevant regulations and report on suspicious activity related to affiliates or employees of the operators; providing bandwidth, expertise, and resources.


SharpRank partners with operators to monitor all content and insider information associated with the operator and notify stakeholders of incidents that could result in non compliance with state regulations or scrutiny from any regulatory body; providing quantifiable protection against regulatory risk.

Media & Content

SharpRank partners with sports betting content creators, influencers, platforms, in-house or affiliated content, and insiders to monitor all content/interactions associated with the operator ensuring the associated operator partners and the content property/individual itself is protected from regulatory risk.

We Remove The Unchecked Gray Areas

By providing live monitoring dashboards, periodic reporting of audits and performance, and data solutions, SharpRank partners with key industry stakeholder groups like government entities, sportsbooks, and media properties.

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Sports betting leaders in all the major sports. SharpRank provides the most current and up to date audited sports betting content data in the world today.

SharpRank uses the industry’s only cross-sport performance ratings algorithm, enabling comparison of content/picks from across different sports.

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