SharpRank has successfully implemented our sports betting take on baseball’sWAR (Wins Above Replacement) statistic. TAR, or “Talent Above Replacement”,shares the objective of encapsulating overall performance in one statistic thatdetermines if a player/Sharp is better or worse than the average replacementand by how much. By considering return on investment, closing line value, thePrinceton Percentile, and Volume Index, we have defined the average replacementSharp in the sports betting market and assigned value to individual Sharpsthat gives an indication of both past and future performance. This metric hasamplified impact and implications for content platforms as it digs into an array ofmetrics tailored specifically for outlets looking for the perfect mix of high contentproduction and ability.


Named after the birthplace of Game Theory, this metric is based on a multi-facetedpayoff matrix. This is the truest form of measuring risk/reward trade-offs. Given themultiple options for a Sharp to pick, the Princeton Percentile demonstrates bothOpportunity Cost – how much a Sharp leaves on the table, versus Opportunity Gain– how much a Sharp advantageously increases their position. For instance, if aSharp chooses a moneyline pick on an underdog and the bet wins, the opportunitygain would be the difference in money/units between taking the underdog againstthe spread and taking them to win outright. Conversely, if the underdog lost butcovered the spread, the opportunity cost would be the sum of money/units lost, andthe amount that could have been won picking the spread. When aggregated, bothcumulative and weighted, the result is a net percentile relative to the dataset.


Given the vast, multi-layered data set aggregated by SharpRank, some metricsand rankings can leverage a benchmark. In the Overall and by Sport Companyrankings, the NAIL refers to the average raw score of the overall and segmenteddata sets, respectively. For instance, if the data set rankings for Overall Enterprise is based off of 100 platforms, the NAIL would be the average raw scoreof the 100 Enterprises. If the data set for Overall Entity is based of 500platforms, the Entity NAIL would be the average raw score of the 500 Entities. TheRaw Score is based on SharpRank’s positioning algorithm which ever evolves andblends four proprietary concepts/calculations: 2 backwards looking and 2 forwardlooking. The companies that sit above this National Average have higher overallratings and consequently higher rated individuals. If the NAIL is not present onthe graph it can be assumed this benchmark sits under all listed rankings.


Closing Line Value is a performance metric defined as the difference in “price” (odds) from the time a pick is selected to when that matchup begins. Positive CLV indicates a Sharp is gaining value and if a Sharp is on the right side of value consistently enough it should correlate to positive ROI (Return on Investment) – much like investing in stocks that are undervalued relative to the market price.


Return on Investment is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency or profitability of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. Given a Platform’s Sharp dataset, this is showing their percentage returned per pick.


In its simplest form, this alignment metric exhibits how frequently a pick is made that is with the Sports Book and against the public. This metric is calculating, in different bet types, how often a Platform’s Sharps are “fading the public”.


Bifurcated by Spread looks at how a Sharp performs in certain sized spreads (both positive and negative) and compares their performance in each to a set of benchmarked Sharps. The percentage shown is the platforms overall winning % when picking within the specified Spread Cap (Small, Mid, Large). These cap sizes are set to adjust to breakpoints of emphasis in the dataset so different seasons will influence these breakpoints.


A partnership between two companies in which one company is compensated for directly increasing the revenue of another


Any form of media that can be consumed by an individual


A sportsbook licensed to conduct business in a jurisdiction


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