Baltimore, MD – The National Squash League (NSL) has partnered with SharpRank, to assist in creating and executing strategy around gaming and betting integrations for the League.


The partnership between SharpRank and NSL will focus on key areas necessary for frictionless and effective integration of gaming for all stakeholders. Leveraging SharpRank’s industry expertise to guide this process, the NSL will keep compliance and integrity at the forefront of this initiative. By building the gaming integration into the early stages of the League, the NSL will have flexibility to enable these integrations as part of the overall League strategy, not as a bolt on to a pre-existing process.


“We consistently look to partner with groups who understand their audience and are taking forward-looking action to serve their stakeholders,” said Chris Adams, CEO of SharpRank. “When executed correctly with the appropriate checks and balances, gaming integration, specifically for an avid, growing audience can be extremely powerful.”


“The National Squash League was founded to bring squash in line with other major sports in the United States. Betting is an integral part of the fan experience that we want to bring to the market, and we look forward to making that goal a reality in the near future.” said Timmy Brownell, co-founder of The National Squash League. “We believe to know our audience well and feel strongly that this initiative will benefit all stakeholders from the avid squash enthusiast to the casual entertainment seeker.”


The two companies will work collaboratively on ensuring the integrations have a foundation in consumer protection and a flexibility to scale, expand, and adapt alongside the NSL’s growth.



SharpRank is an Independent Evaluator in the sport betting industry, ensuring fair and transparent sports betting markets. By providing live monitoring dashboards, periodic reporting of audits and performance, and data solutions, SharpRank partners with key industry stakeholder groups like sportsbooks, state governments, affiliates, and media properties. Acting as the industry’s auditor, SharpRank removes the gray area between sportsbook and sports betting content/media.


The NSL exists to revolutionize the live squash experience in the United States. The match format is unprecedented and enhances Squash’s fast-paced and tactical qualities to constantly re-engage viewers and create an electrifying environment for a growing audience. It provides a new and more secure income stream for players and a way to keep American players in squash after college.