SharpRank's proprietary algorithms and unique metrics
are the industry standard for ranking and evaluating.



The Morningstar Continuum

If Morningstar's ratings were solely based on returns, they would not provide a ton of value. Likewise, as a data science company, SharpRank digs into the molecular level well beyond wins and losses. A simple win loss record only tells a sliver of the story, and only reaffirms past data - which is one of the many areas SharpRank differs dramatically from a traditional pick tracker.

As simple or as complex analyses as desired is available in a system that updates nearly instantaneously. From confidence percentiles to opportunity costs/gains (Princeton). From underdog weight magnitude (UWM) to bet type alignment with the "house". From CLV to ROI to their correlation. From hot streaks to multi-dimensional risk profiles (RRA). From bias traps to expense ratios. And everything in between and beyond, SharpRank is a completely comprehensive DNA snapshot of Sharps and platforms.

SharpRank built its rankings to be cross-sport functional and bet type agnostic, so apples can be compared to oranges. But these rankings are also normalized for volume so, the strength of an elephant can be compared to the strength of an ant. This is critical to a market, sports betting, that is no longer a sprinkling on top of every sport. Sports betting is now its own vertical.

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Leagues, Teams and Conferences

Leagues, conferences, and teams rely on SharpRank for responsible gaming initiatives and data insights around fans, regions, target demos and the industry at large.

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Media Partners

As the nation's only independent ratings agency we are well positioned to provide data sets and analytics for reporting and broadcast.

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State and Governmental Entities

SharpRank partners with state and local agencies, ensuring accuracy and compliance, continuously testing for validity with a “weights and measures” lens ensuring all citizens have an equitable experience.

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