The SCALER Weekly 6/12/24

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Topics 6/12/24:


NBA Pushes for Federal Regulation Amid Porter Betting Scandal

In light of the lifetime ban on Jontay Porter due to a gambling scandal, the NBA is urging the U.S. federal government to establish a comprehensive regulatory framework for legalized gambling. NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum emphasized the need for federal oversight to ensure transparency and maintain the sport’s integrity. Tatum highlighted that the league’s vigilance helped uncover Porter’s misconduct, which included revealing confidential information and manipulating game performances for bets. The Supreme Court’s overturning of PASPA left gambling regulation to individual states, resulting in inconsistent laws across the country. Tatum advocates for unified federal regulation to safeguard the expanding sports betting industry. This call for regulation coincides with the arrest of Long Phi “Bruce” Pham and the naming of additional conspirators involved in the betting scheme with Porter, underscoring the need for stricter oversight.

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Illinois Adopts Progressive Tax Rates for Sports Betting

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed the state’s $53.1 billion budget package for Fiscal Year 2025 into law, initiating significant changes to sports betting tax rates starting July 1. The progressive tax structure, part of HB 4951, imposes varying tax rates based on revenue thresholds, with rates ranging from 20% to 40%. Despite opposition from the Sports Betting Alliance, the bill passed, making Illinois the first state with a progressive tax rate solely for sports betting. The new tax structure, alongside a Senate amendment separating mobile and retail sportsbook revenue, has raised concerns about potential tax increases in other states like Ohio and New Jersey.

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New Sports Betting Provider First Sportsbook Set for Launch

First Sportsbook is set to launch as a new sports betting solutions provider, offering a fully managed sports betting product. With a team of 450 professionals, including 180 traders and 270 specialists in product and technology development, the company aims to streamline sportsbook operations for online betting operators. Led by CEO Tom Light, formerly of SBTech, the company plans to leverage its industry experience to reshape the sports betting landscape with algorithmic tools and trading systems designed to enhance odds and profit margins.

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New York Legislature Pursues Gambling Bill to Regulate Sports Betting Ads

The New York Legislature is in a hurry to pass a gambling bill, A1118, which recently cleared the Senate with a unanimous vote of 57-0. Sponsored by Assemblyman Clyde Vanel and co-sponsored by Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, the bill aims to mandate warnings on sports betting ads about the addictive nature of gambling. Additionally, it requires the New York State Gambling Commission to publish advertising guidelines and collaborate with the Office of Addiction Services and Supports to feature a gambling hotline number. The bill mirrors Senate Bill SB1550, underscoring the urgency of its passage before the session ends. The move might have been influenced by a federal lawsuit against DraftKings, highlighting concerns about the clarity of promotional offers and the need to safeguard novice bettors.

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Ontario Court Upholds Competitive Online Gambling Market Against Legal Challenge

In a significant legal development, an Ontario court has ruled in favor of the province’s competitive online sports betting and internet casino gambling market, dismissing a challenge brought by the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake (MCK). The decision, delivered by Superior Court Justice Lisa Brownstone, upholds Ontario’s regulatory framework and reinforces the confidence of nearly 50 operators participating in the burgeoning market. The challenge by the MCK sought to invalidate certain sections of Ontario’s gambling laws, arguing that they conflicted with federal statutes and allowed private operators undue control over online gambling. However, Justice Brownstone found that Ontario’s oversight mechanisms were sufficient to ensure public safety, fairness, and integrity in gaming, aligning with federal guidelines. The ruling solidifies Ontario’s position as a trailblazer in online gambling regulation within Canada and may serve as a blueprint for other provinces considering similar regulatory frameworks. This decision is expected to bolster investor confidence and encourage further growth and innovation in Ontario’s online gambling sector, while also setting a precedent for the broader Canadian online gambling market.

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DraftKings Stocks: Challenges and Growth

The sports betting industry, despite its allure, faces challenges such as regulatory shifts and taxation, affecting companies like DraftKings and Flutter Entertainment. Despite initial success, these firms have encountered setbacks, including stock declines attributed to factors like betting scandals and state tax increases. Analysts like Morgan Stanley’s Stephen Grambling remain optimistic, citing potential positive catalysts and the resilience of established players. Grambling and others believe DraftKings holds promise for investors due to its market position and potential growth opportunities, especially with further state legalizations. While some caution against the risks, DraftKings stands out as a potentially safer bet for those confident in its long-term prospects amidst the growing popularity of sports betting.

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